"We make our clients' problem our own."


I highly recommend R.Spio & Co Solicitors as a company everybody should use. A friend gave me their number after I had been tossed up and down by unserious solicitors. I found it easy to get through and was spoken to very politely. I always got immediate response to phone calls. The solicitors explained the processes meticulously and was down to earth with no legal jargon. I was kept up-to-date with the progress of my case and was treated fairly all the times by the staff. My expectations were far exceeded as the speed with which my matter was dealt with amazed me. I have already recommended R Spio to my friends and will continue to do so. Keep up the good work.

For over two years I was trying to regularise my stay in UK and was making applications through solicitors but did not get any positive results. When I received the latest news about the refusal of my application I made up my mind to pack my bags and leave the country but a good friend asked me to go to Stratford and speak to the lawyers at R.Spio Solicitors.
The first time I contacted them I was surprised at the reception. I was received very well and was not rushed at all; it was as if they had time for me. The solicitor I spoke to said she would not only apply for 5 years for my partner and me but would apply for indefinite leave to remain. I was surprised but kept quiet and said to myself that this is my last stop. I decided that if we were not successful we would not pursue the matter further.
To this day I thank God I decided to trust them and give our case one last chance as they seemed to know what they were doing and what they were talking about. Right from when my application was submitted, they kept me informed about the progress of my case which I was very happy with as it made me feel involved. I received a phone call from them telling me our applications had been approved and being the doubting Thomas that I am I wanted to see it with my own eye as I had been fighting my case for over two years and wondered how they could do it within 4 months just like that. To my amazement when I attended their office our application had indeed been approved and today we walk with our heads held high. I do highly recommend this firm to everybody, if there is one thing people need it is for them to be told the truth. R.Spio and Company you are highly recommended

When l visited R.Spio & Co Solicitors, the reception l had was overwhelming; the staffs are all brilliant and have an exceptional customer service. The solicitor talked me through the process, explained anything clearly to me and also told me to feel free to contact them at anytime. I was kept up to date with the progress of my application. Me knowing what was going on made me build a huge trust in this firm.

To the best of my knowledge everything this firm does is excellent, they should keep it up.
I was treated with so much respect l cannot stop telling my friends. The end result was very successful.
I will always recommend them to anyone who needs legal help because they deliver good results.

I contacted R.Spio & Co Solicitors in Stratford when l had an issue that was making me lose sleep, the solicitors at this firm do take their time to explain things properly. I find them to be very attentive, caring and very knowledgeable.
I left their premises feeling confident that l had made the right choice by contacting them.
After my application was handed in, l called the office their response was very prompt and helpful.
I admire their professionalism. Am very glad with the result and have been recommending them ever since to people.

R.Spio & Co Solicitors really came through then l was very desperate to regulate my immigration situation and was given an exceptional service. I am very satisfied with the service provided to me by this law firm.
They are very professional and have great interest in what they do. I am so happy l decided to use R.Spio as I got the result I wanted. Well done

Prior to contacting this law firm, l had tried few other law firms but wasn’t getting the result l wanted. Then a very happy customer who was a former client referred me to R.Spio & Co Solicitors. l am indeed very happy I was put in touch with this firm. The overall level of service was just amazing.
The solicitor spoke to me at my level and was very easy to understand. Whilst my case was being dealt with, l had constant update from them, informing me of what is going on. I was well looked after.


In June, 2012, our application for extension of our Tier 1 General visa was refused by the UKBA. We swiftly notified and engaged R.Spio Solicitors to represent us as we were given full right to appeal the decision. At the initial briefing to analyse the merit of the case, we were told that the chance of winning the appeal was 70%-30%! This means we have no outright chance of winning the appeal!
We felt pained and restless as we already planned living and raising our kids in the UK. The team however asked us if we would like them to proceed with the appeal despite the reality of what is on ground. We obliged. We signed the agreement forms and the appeal process commenced.
R.Spio amazed us! They worked tirelessly on this case and came out with a winning formula which put us in superior position to win the case. They researched and brainstormed and this yielded an unprecedented decision before the appeal date! The refusal decision was UPTURNED!!! The UKBA reversed their original decision hence; we didn’t have to go to court! We got the decision in writing and copies were sent out to all.
We waited zealously for a fresh decision to be offered, but things took a different negative dimension. UKBA alleged that our representative (R.Spio and Solicitors) withdrew from the appeal and therefore the case was closed and we were issued with a mandate to leave the UK immediately. R.Spio & Solicitors reassured us to relax and they quickly issued a response with details and references to attest the fact that UKBA has issued wrong information and details about the whole proceedings.
For unbelievable 11 months R.Spio and Solicitors tackled the UKBA to release our visa. But the closer we edge to obtaining it the farther and gloomy it became. During this time, I was relieved from my duty post by my company who were not too comfortable about my status. My appointment was about to be terminated when I couldn’t provide my visa within the time frame given. R.Spio stepped in again. They contacted my employers officially and presented my case. This move was positive as I was placed on standby, and the company offered me an opportunity to return when they have a valid correspondence on my case form the UKBA or when I have my visa. Not only that, that all my outstanding salary will be paid when I return. For three months I couldn’t work without pay. Through R.Spio, I was able to get the Home Office to write my employers to reinstate me back to work immediately.
Finally, my extension has been issued! I have returned back to work and all tears wiped off! What more can I say? R.Spio & Solicitors are truly unique. They offer less promises but get the job done! They are high professionals with great experience and valuable work ethics. They have definitely turned around a dead case to a winning one. What a superb team of solicitors! I’m really so proud.

I am very pleased with the services I received from this firm. In fact their slogan that they make their client’s problems their own is indeed very true and I can testify to that. I came to the UK as a visitor. On arriving I was detained and my visa was cancelled. A friend’s friend gave me the contact details of this firm and I contacted them. When I explained my situation I was informed that they would take on my case and fight for me. I went behind their back and contacted other solicitors who informed me my case was hopeless so I should just return home and accept the 10 year ban. They would not even hear my explanation that my visa was genuine.
I went back to this firm and asked them to represent me and it was the best decision I made. They made a bail application to get me out of the detention but it was refused, they did not give up and made the bail application again which was granted and I was allowed out of the detention centre. My hearing was in August 2014 and I am happy to say that we won the case and my passport has been returned to me. I am happy somebody believed my story and fought for me. Throughout my case they dealt with the case as if it was their own case and I found this attitude very rare and good in these day and age. R.Spio Solicitors I am grateful to you.

I was issued with notice containing details of when I was to be put on the next plane to Ghana after my prison sentence which was very worrying for me. I was given R Spio number by a fellow inmate who said he had been given the number by a friend. I had no solicitor so decided to use their services. They paid a visit to me at the prison and hearing my case said they would be able to help me. True to their words they were able to cancel the ticket and went ahead and made an application for me. To my amazement not only were they able to get me released after my sentence but they were also able to apply for my stay in the UK. Today I still walk the grounds of England and it is all thanks to R Spio Solicitors. I always pray for them to continue their good work. Unfortunately my friend who gave me their number decided to use another firm and he has been deported from this country. I am indeed happy I made the right decision

I visited R.Spio & Co Solicitors when l had issues and was very pleased with the way they handled my case. I was treated well; everything was well explained to me in a very clear manner and was given great service.
They never kept me in the dark whilst dealing with my case which l find exceptional. I am very happy with R.Spio & Co Solicitors because the of service l received from them, it was very fast and professional. I will ask that R.Spio & Co Solicitors maintain this way of service always, very good The information was very informative and also easy enough for me to understand how they were going to handle my case. This firm is good I would recommend people to use them

My life had become a living hell as at the sound of any siren I had to dock because my friend had been apprehended. I was very frustrated about this and my father whim I had not seen for over 15 years kept asking me if I was waiting for him to die before visiting him. I was very fortunate to be introduced to Regina who took on my case as if it was her own case and helped me get my stay in the country. I am now able to walk chest out with my head held high, infant when I hear sirens these days I even dare look to see who is in trouble. I have visited my parents and we are all grateful to for the good work you doing, keep it up.

I am grateful to r.spio & co solicitors for their help and support in helping me get permanent stay in the UK. I made my application myself because I had been badly treated by various solicitors so did not want anything to do with any solicitors. But when my application was refused and I was referred to r spio by my work colleague I instantly knew I was in good hands. Regina was great with the way she handled my case. After speaking to her the first time I felt assured and knew straight away this firm was different. Thanks for your help, now I am able to sleep peacefully once again.


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